Streaming From A Computer


Login to dacast with provided login from the email.

Make sure you are under the live channels.

Find your channel and click on it, this will load the edit live stream section. Your settings need to be as follows :

  • Description Tab
  • Name should be your name.
  • Category should be whatever category fits you best.
  • Description should be a short description of what you are doing.
  • Hit Save!

  • Publish Settings Tab 
  • Player Theme prankster place player
  • Live Stream recording is off
  • Auto play is off
  • Hit Save!


  • Encoder setup –Make sure you have saved everything before continuing


  • In the right side pane click on your Operating system this will download OBS and will also prompt you to download vcredist_x64 (1).exe if you don’t have it.  I had to install both the x64 and x86 version to make this work. 

Once installed open this page which is a step by step for how to configure the player.

Once configured you may only have audio if this is the case click the plus button under sources and fund Video Capture Device. Exit and reload the program and you should have video now.