Reunion FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Theme?

The theme of the reunion is Bus To The Future

When is the Reunion?

June 19-21, 2020

Where is the Reunion?

The reunion is here, globally online! We are happy and excited for this opportunity to reunite online with each other worldwide! The Reunion is here, there and everywhere. We are projecting each other to all corners of the world. Wherever we may roam, we may call our home. You can enjoy this reunion from the comfort of your own home or wherever and however you care to share in the safe space of time and mind that we bring you with care! We have live streams coming from sea to shining sea from some amazing bright shining individuals alongside some wonderful bands, and we have several vendors and venues that are sharing from places all over.  If you have a venue or plan to live stream and want to give a presentation, let us know, sign up for Reunion so we can go further with you!

How can I contact someone with questions or concerns?

Feel free to contact us at with any questions or concerns. We are here to help and are open to any questions that you may have.

What is this Virtual Shakedown Street about?

This reunion wouldn’t be a reunion if we couldn’t share our Psychedelic Stealy Shirts, Groovy Music that makes you dance, and Wavy Wall Hangings. All of the Books, Movies, Signed Prints, and Marbleized Artwork that you can wear like pants, bandannas, and jackets, like OG Tie Dyes, Rainbow on Mission’s, Mandrake’s, Yano’s, Artwork and stuff by you is waiting to see what you will do.

What can I sell on Shakedown Street!

Feel free to share your art, your thoughts, your stories, or whatever good you can do something great with. We want you to sell your willies and wares in our shakedown street throughout this event. We are offering the option to sell your art, tie dyes, your cool gadgets, or whatever you got shakin on Shakedown Street, you can now share your booth on our virtual Shakedown Street. We are excited to see the products that each one of you have taken the time to share with us all! We will provide instructions on how to upload and edit your products to our marketplace and you can quickly and easily sell your products online!

Can I attend in person?

This is a 3 day event with bands and talent stretching all over. You are already attending in person just by showing up. Check the upcoming schedule to see if you are near any of the performers and we will try to see if you are allowed to attend. If you live near where any of the bands or entertainers are performing you may be able to attend these specific venues, reach out for details, and we will do our best to get you contact information or details about how to do this.

Will I need Zoom or Some other program that I don’t already have?

You will not need Zoom. You just need a web browser, phone or device to watch. If you plan to stream We will provide you with simple directions on how to do this.

Will the Reunion be archived or will it just stream live one time?

All of the live streams will be recorded and put into the video on demand channels if the performers permit recording.

How much further should we go?

All  the way!

Where should we put our good?

Where it will do the most! So bring your good, we know that it will be amazing!