Live Stream

Saturday June 20, 2020 ~9:00 pm

Life Stream from Mike’s Music Barn

Phree is a band from Bloomington, home of the campus of Indiana University that celebrates the music of Phish.  Phree was formed in late 2019, after the group began to realize how much they looked forward to playing the Phish songs they had added to what simply began as local musicians collaborating for creative jam sessions.

Things began to click for the group when they added Phish songs to some live shows. They felt creatively inspired by the intricately woven lyrics and jam sessions that are the cornerstone of Phish…so much that they decided to only play Phish, or songs Phish has covered from that moment on.

From the “secret language” to flat-out confusing fun, you will not be disappointed coming to a Phree show. You can never be certain what to expect, as the set list is constantly evolving and it will never be the same on any given day. Expect all the whacky shananigans your mind can conjure up, but most of all expect to dance and hear some great jams that any Phish fan understands and appreciates. Phree is 100% dedicated to capturing the essence of Phish and the fan base they continue to inspire.

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