Video Streaming Instructions

(IF you are having problems, email or call 831-204-0523)

Each participant will receive an email with a PDF attached that contains detailed instructions on what you will need to do for the festival.  These instructions are for live streaming.  You will need the information in the email.

Note: if you did not receive your configuration email by end of day on June 18 2020, contact the staff at

If you wish to stream you need a program called an encoder.  We recommend OBS for computers, and Larix for mobile devices. 

If you indicated on your sign up form that you would be streaming, the configuration email will give you a login to download a custom version of OBS.  If you did not receive those instructions, contact the staff at

Installation instructions are here for Windows and here for Mac:

To install and configure Larix for mobile device streaming, go here:

Note:  If you wish to use a different encoder, contact the staff at for custom instructions. We have no control over the content or speed of custom streams, so prefer not to use them, but will work with those who must use them.

You should have received an email with the following information:

A link to your page on Prankster.Space for live testing, and a link you can use to test privately.

Instructions on how to login  to upload videos, and if needed, download the OBS encoder,

Encoder login:

Login: (your unique login)
Password: (your unique password)

The following information should be entered in your encoder:

You will find it in the email and in this format:

Stream URL

rtmp:// (where NNNNNN is your unique stream identifier)

Stream Names
mystreamNNNNNN (where NNNNNN is your unique stream name)

Backup URL
rtmp:// (where NNNNNN is your unique stream identifier)

Streaming from a Computer

Streaming from a Mobile Device

Upload Video